Did you know that Geodes were formed by Ancient Volcanoes?

It’s true!  Most of the geodes that we find today were actually created when ancient Volcanoes erupted!

As the lava cooled, air bubbles became trapped inside creating empty pockets.  Over millions of years these pockets filled with the minerals which hardened into the beautiful crystal treasure we find today!

I have always been fascinated by geodes.  In my opinion they are one of the coolest natural phenomenons on the planet!  But what a lot of people don’t know is that all geodes aren’t created equal.  Some have amazing crystals inside, while others are actually very plain and boring.  It all depends on the minerals that seeped in while the geodes were forming.  Some ash beds had the perfect mix of minerals which is why geodes from those select locations are filled with amazing crystals, while geodes from other areas are not.

Here are a few examples of the types of crystals that you might find inside a real geode!  The geode on the left contains quartz crystals, and the geode on the right contains amethyst!

For me, what makes geodes so much fun is the thrill of cracking them open, because it is a million year old surprise inside each one.  You just never know what kind of spectacular crystal formations are waiting for you inside until you break them open.

Breaking open geodes makes a great family activity or classroom science experiment.  But make sure that you wear a pair of safety goggles when you crack them open to protect your eyes.  If you don’t have goggles you can put the geode in an old sock, but that method is much less precise and you will probably get a lot of little pieces instead of a few larger halves.

If you want to crack open your own geodes you can find them on our website at www.discoverwithdrcool.com.  We have 2 different geode kits available.  Our starter kit contains 6 real geodes from 1 mine, and our ultimate kit contains 15 real geodes from 3 different mines.  This is the only kit in the world to offer different types of geodes.  We recommend the ultimate kit because and it allows you to compare 3 completely different types of crystal formations.

Both our kits include safety goggles and an 8-page adventure guide which is filled with even more cool science facts about geodes.  And the best thing about our geode kits is the quality of crystals you’ll find inside.  Our kits contain only the highest quality geodes from select mines around the world, so you’re guaranteed to find amazing crystals in your kit!


About discoverwithdrcool

I'm a rock collector, science lover, and creator of the Discover with Dr. Cool line of science products.
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